Today the Library Copyright Alliance released a statement describing the key features copyright reform proposals should include in order to constitute significant improvement over current law for libraries and their users. In the wake of the recent rejection of the Google Books settlement,…


News.me is looking for an experienced iOS engineer to join our team and help define the future of news. Applicants should have knowledge across both frontend and backend iOS frameworks and be prepared to own a project from start to finish, from networking and storage to view hierarchies and…


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What Application Actions Do

Application Actions allows functionality to be added to Applications in a flexible manner without needing to edit core source code files. Actions typically define what page content is presented in a given situation and can load nested actions for further…

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blip on blip #60: This week Annie chats with Liz Hoffman, Account Executive on the East Coast Sales Team. She explains what she likes about working at blip, then takes us on a walkthrough of our new office in NoHo. Look out for special guest appearances by Evan Gotlib, PhotoBombing Aaron, and Grumpy Paul!

The featured show this week is I Made Out With Him Anyway. Based on the stage show with the same name, this web series looks at dates gone wrong. The producers of the show - Nick, Evie, and Kirstin - asked their fans to send in their worst dates, and then they re-enacted them. Annie’s personal favorite episode is Date #3, check it out!

Thanks for watching! New episodes of blip on blip are released every Tuesday at 1pm EST, 10am PST.


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Vatican Maintains Stance on Condoms at HIV/AIDS Summit


At a weekend HIV/AIDS conference at the Vatican, the Catholic Church stood firm on its stance against the use of condoms to protect against the transmission of HIV. Ray Suarez and the NewsHour’s Global Health Unit report from Rome.

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*The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided funding for this project.

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Digital talent won’t want to work at your company if:  

  • Every element of their work will be pored over by multiple layers of bureaucracy. Even if that’s how the rest of the company operates, it can’t spill into the digital department. In a technology environment, new products and businesses spring up daily and a new endeavor can go from conception to launch in a matter of months. Reining in the momentum will be read as inaction and a clear signal the company isn’t willing to grasp the new way of the world.  
  • Mediocre is good enough. While clocking out at 5 p.m. is attractive to some, it will discourage digital talent. They want to be expected to do something great. They want to be pushed. They care about their work. Their leadership, and those they rely on to get things done, must match their appetite for success.   
  • Trial and error is condemned. The freedom to try out new ideas allows employees to take initiative, make decisions, and learn from their mistakes. It also demonstrates an attractive and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Your company is structured so it takes a lifetime to get to the top, and as such there are no digital experts in company-wide leadership positions. Digital talent—often in their 20s and 30s—need to see a clear path for uninhibited career development that’s based on merit, not years spent, and that’s beyond the confines of the digital department. If they don’t, they won’t see a reason to stay with the company in the long term.  
  • Your offices are cold, impersonal and downright stodgy. It may sound like it conflicts with the “you don’t need to be in Silicon Valley point,” but appreciate the nuance. A traditional office layout is designed to communicate power among certain individuals and barriers between departments. This does not support the collaborative ethos which is intrinsic to the web. Companies should do everything possible to provide the digital team friendlier, open office space. A location in a hip, young neighborhood (which surely exists in every mid- to large-sized city) is also a big plus. 

Mr. Nick Wooster … and his tumblr 


Mr. Nick Wooster … and his tumblr 


Dog Files is a web series about dogs that will melt that cold, grey heart of yours over and over again. Dog lovers will be in heaven and everyone else will, at the very least, ponder adopting one, if only for a fleeting moment. 

Start out with the Pit Proud episode, which explores the history of the Pit Bull and explains how lovable and loyal the breed really is. The episode also follows the rehabilitation of a former Michael Vick dog. 

Watch Episode 12: Pit Proud Now


A few weeks ago, I went to Washington DC with a number of other venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to meet with various members of Congress and in President Obama’s administration to discuss important legislation (here and here) that was being pushed through the process.

It’s an awful…